Accent Property Restoration’s CEO & Owner, Dean Rossey Jr., shares the technologically advanced pre- and post-loss documentation Accent View services available to property owners, insurances agents and claims adjusters.

With Accent View, clients are able to see 3D images, 360 degree virtual tours and floor plans of properties helping to estimate damage costs, track damage and progress, and act as a record of all property contents.

Accent View documentation services utilize the Matterport camera that eliminates the need to send estimators to the scene to start scoping work. With access to 3D scans available through the cloud, Accent View allows insurance agents and our team of restoration professionals to start scoping costs and damages right from the office.

Time-stamped, precise and complete documentation also gives property owners more control and peace of mind over the claims process, ensuring that everything within their property is covered, well documented and taken care of.

Tip: Accent View is available to property owners before property damage occurs. Be prepared and protect your property and peace of mind by scheduling a session to document your property in its current condition

in the event of fire, water or storm damage.

Learn more about pre- and post-loss documentation and see examples of property documentation today.