October is nationally recognized as fire prevention month, with the second week of October designated as Fire Prevention Week. During this time cities, police departments and fire departments focus on different ways to keep communities safe and show them how to protect their properties from fires and the damage they can cause.

Over the past 20 years, we’ve seen fire prevention themes range from “Home Cooking Fires: Watch What you Heat!” to “Trust Your Smoke Alarms.” At Accent Property Restoration, we know how devastating a property fire or damage can impact your lives and the lives of your loved ones. That’s why we’re dedicated every day to not only show up in your time of need in case of an emergency, but more importantly, why we’re committed to helping you prevent a fire damage situation in the first place.

2019’s Fire Prevention campaign is “Plan and Prepare for Your Escape,” but before we get to that step, let’s go over some industry-leading tips and suggestions to prevent fire damage and catastrophes.

    • Eliminate Clutter: Keep your property clear of excess debris and unnecessary storage. Be smart about what you’re storing and where.
    • Create and Execute a Fire Escape Route: Have a solid plan laid out, keep it accessible, and practice it to prepare for an emergency by holding unexpected fire drills.

  • Acquire and Maintain Fire Extinguishers: Did you know there’s an appropriate type and amount of fire extinguishers you should have for your property? Make sure your extinguishers are in working condition, and everyone is trained on how to use them properly.
  • Store Matches and Lighters in Safe Places: Keep fire starters away from the kids and in safe places!
  • Use and Store Chemicals Safely: Know how to understand hazard warning labels and the flammability of the chemicals you keep on property.
  • Install and Test Smoke Alarms: Are you testing your smoke alarms once a month? Does everyone know how to respond when alarms ring? Install smoke alarms in every sleeping room, outside of each sleeping room and on every level of the house.
  • Maintain Heating Equipment: Keep anything flammable at least 3 feet away from heating equipment and maintain equipment and chimneys by having them cleaned and inspected by a qualified professional at least once a year.

At Accent Property Restoration, we’re dedicated to helping you protect your property from fire and prevent disasters.
In order to further get ahead of the threat of fire damage to your property, have a fireproof safe to protect important documents such as passports, birth certificates and even financial records.

Capture floorplans and 3D property documentation to ensure that every piece of furniture, appliance and personal artifact will be covered by insurance throughout the restoration process.

In the case of a fire damage emergency, Accent has 24-hour emergency response teams onsite immediately to perform emergency board-up and mitigation services to protect your property as much as possible before the restoration process begins.

For more information on how to protecting your property from fire damage, reach out to Accent Property Restoration at (262) 293-2646 and find helpful resources and how-to tips from the National Fire Protection Association here: https://www.nfpa.org/Public-Education/Staying-safe/Preparedness/Fire-Prevention-Week.