In less than a week it will officially be Spring according to the calendar, but as we Wisconsinites know, that means nothing! We should be preparing for second winter, because we know it’s coming! We can rest assured that there will be more snow, more ice and then comes the flooding. Spring is a rollercoaster of weather, between the temp highs and lows, to piles of snow melting to fill basements with water. Additionally, we will be entering tornado season soon as well. What are some of the things you can do to help protect your property or keep damage to a minimum, let’s explore the options here.


  • Make sure your belongings stored in the basement are in plastic totes or containers. Cardboard boxes will soak the water up and damage the belongings inside, a plastic tote should be waterproof and require only a wipe down of the exterior if it gets wet.
  • Place all the totes on pallets or racks. Getting them a couple of inches off the ground will also help keep them safe should you get water in your basement.
  • Putting your mechanicals (water heater and furnace) up on blocks will also help keep them safe. You have a couple of inches built into the appliance itself but adding a couple of extra inches will ensure that your most expensive pieces will stay safe and dry.
  • If your washer and dryer are in the basement, you may want to consider having them on a raised platform as well. Any additional inches you can get them off the basement floor will protect them from most types of basement flooding.
  • Test your sump pump to ensure that it works properly, that the float is not sticking and that the discharge line is not blocked.
  • Check your homeowner’s policy to confirm you have coverage for sump pump failures or sewer drain back-ups. This is especially important if you have finished living space in the basement, if you have invested to make the space useable it’s important to make sure it’s covered by your policy.
  • Make sure any important papers, books, pictures, or documents are stored safely in a waterproof container. You don’t want to discover that those irreplaceable items have been damaged.
  • Have extra water, non-perishable food, blankets, flashlight, and batteries in case inclement weather forces you to seek shelter for an extended period.
  • Have a safe space, whether the basement or an interior bathroom, prepared if you should need to seek immediate safety from an approaching storm.
  • Be sure that you have a radio or fully charged device that will allow you to hear what is going on and when it’s safe to leave the property.


  • After testing the sump pump inside, make sure that the discharge line is not bent or kinked and is directed away from the house. If it is too close to the house the sump pump will keep cycling the same water over and over, you want the discharge line to flow as far away from the home as possible.
  • Check all your downspouts to ensure that they are all still attached and are not blocked by debris or ice so that as the snow melts it can run away from the structure and not cause water damage to the building.
  • Be sure that all loose yard furniture and toys are secured or put away when a storm is approaching. The fewer things that can be tossed around by the high winds the better.
  • Check your trees for dead or damaged limbs that could come down in a storm. These trees could be a hazard to not only your home but your person as well. You don’t want a heavy branch to break in a storm and fall on you!
  • If you can store your vehicle in a garage or carport, be sure it is safe before the storm hits to protect from hail damage or high winds throwing debris around.
  • Be sure that windows and doors are closed when a major weather event is approaching to ensure that flooding or water damage doesn’t occur from rain getting in the home.

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