Learn everything you need to know about the coronavirus


An Emergency Repair Plan (or Emergency Response Program) is a plan to help guide your business in times of an emergency, natural disaster or pandemic. It is created to allow you to quickly and efficiently find information and respond to an emergency. This saves money, time and, most importantly, potentially lives.
Let’s look at a few of the reasons an ERP can be beneficial as well as cost effective.


  • Organize all pertinent information in one place – When a disaster strikes, all you need to do is open your ERP binder (or phone app!) and you have all the emergency contacts you need at your fingertips.
  • Show where all important safety equipment is located – Easily know where all eye wash stations, fire extinguishers, water shutoffs, electrical panels and other important safety equipment are located.
  • Peace of Mind – You know that the key people in your business have access to all the important information they need to deal with an onsite emergency.
  • Savings! Talk to your insurance provider – sometimes development and implementation of these types of plans can generate discounts on your insurance premiums. Savings are also generated through less down time. Quick access to information means you can easily deal with the emergency and get back up and producing!


  • AccentVue of your property – We use a state of the art camera to create a 3DHD virtual tour of your property. This can show building materials, equipment, and even business property such as phones, desks and computers. In addition, a floor plan can be generated to show exit routes, pertinent safety equipment, tornado shelters and all other vital locations for the property and can be made into placards to be place throughout the facility.

  • Increased Value – Our programs provide training for your staff to handle small water losses in house, so you don’t always have to call us in! That increases their value to your business and is just one of the classes that we offer at no additional cost to your company.
  • Guaranteed Service – Should our area experience an event that effects large areas like a tornado or flash flooding, your business is guaranteed service! While others go onto waiting lists your company will have crews and equipment responding to your location.
  • No Surprises – By having an agreement in place you are guaranteed pricing and will not have surprise inflated pricing due to high demand.
  • A Resource! – As a partner, you will be provided education, direction and opportunity whenever possible and especially in these times of uncertainty and learning as we go!

Accent Property Restoration offers these plans and can even work on putting one together for your business today. If you would like more information, please contact Diane at 414-333-3727 or

Visit the CDC website for any additional information

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Learn everything you need to know about the coronavirus

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