Ultrasonic Cleaning

When property damage occurs, Accent Property Restoration is the place you need to call.

Your possessions, both personal and professional, are important and valuable to you. In the past, if those possessions were damaged from smoke or water, there was a high chance that they would need to be replaced due to the inability to effectively clean them. Previous methods were a tedious, long process that didn’t often fully restore objects — sometimes even damaging them.

This can be an expensive and devastating loss of your belongings. Some valuables may even have been irreplaceable, thereby rendering them gone permanently. Now, however, we have advanced ultrasonic cleaning technologies that can bring your possessions back to pre-loss condition, saving time and money.

Ultrasonic cleaning is gentle enough to restore a wide variety of items, including power tools, plastics, electronics, small appliances, stuffed animals, china and more.


Objects first undergo a pre-wash to reduce the amount of soot and other contaminants. They are then transferred to an ultrasonic cleaning tank. Ultrasonic cleaning uses a specifically formulated detergent solution based off of the type of object that is to be cleaned, as well as ultrasonic waves that ensure your contents are professionally cleaned.

The solution is paired with a process called cavitation, which safely removes the remainder of contaminants from the object. Cavitation allows for a much more thorough cleaning of difficult-to-reach areas in an object that would not become clean through scrubbing.

Objects will then go through a final rinsing and drying phase. This ultrasonic cleaning process provides a more advanced, cost-effective method of returning your possessions to their former state after being damaged by fire or water


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Never having to have restorations done before we were so thankful we chose Accent. The whole team was professional, thorough, friendly, especially helpful, and took great pride in their work. Many thanks to Tony and especially Ella. Thanks again, to all of you. I would highly recommend this team.

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