I know that we are still amid the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, but have we started to think about what things might look like moving forward and how it will tie to insurance? Now that we see things beginning to open, there has been some talk of signing waivers to participate in the things like concerts, theme parks and other large gatherings. Why? Concerns over being sued or at least charged back with any costs incurred if someone should happen to get sick.

Things for the foreseeable future anyway, will not operate the way that they used to. Some of the industries we will see the biggest adjustments to will the restaurant/food industry and the TV/movie industry.

We are seeing the restaurant/food industry figure out how to adjust by limiting capacity, spacing tables, paper menus, outdoor seating and more. While this is not the ideal circumstance, many of us are simply happy to be able go out to our favorite place and stay to eat your meal, instead of curbside pick-up to go. I have seen some places install plexiglass dividers between tables, between patrons and other creative variations to ensure that they would be ready to start accepting patrons as soon as local governments would allow. They also are having staff wear masks, some places are asking that the patrons wear a mask until it’s time for them to eat, then the mask can be removed. I am sure these businesses have had to evaluate whether the risk to open is worth it, will there be enough customers willing to come back to these places or will they go through all this only to see the numbers be too low to sustain them. During this evaluation I am sure they are also looking at their insurance, to make sure they are now properly covered, if they weren’t before and are inquiring if there are other options or new policies available as they reopen.

The entertainment industry is another that is struggling with COVID-19 and how resuming work is going to look.

The how is the big question, will entire companies who work on the shows be tested and then required to stay together the entire duration of filming? What about shows with live audiences? Will they be required to sign a waiver relieving the production company or studio of any liability if they should get sick? What about participants in reality shows like America’s Got Talent or American Idol, where thousands of people gather for several days in close quarters, waiting until it’s their turn to perform. Will they each need to be tested before being allowed to go before the judges, will they need to sign a liability waiver? Will the judges also be required to sign waivers, or will they be behind security glass? Will their agents require them to have additional insurance in case they get sick? So many questions, we are just scratching the surface of how this virus is going to continue to affect us for some time to come.

The questions are many, but the solutions are also plentiful. We have proven through this pandemic that we are resilient, dedicated and focused on moving forward. While this year will be a rough one for the insurance industry, agents, adjusters, underwriters and customer service representatives are all in it for the long haul! Consistently coming up with new products and services to provide the best coverage at reasonable prices while making sure your homes, businesses and families are protected.

You currently can place yourself as a valuable resource with your existing clients, while selling yourself to potential clients. If people are discovering they don’t have the proper coverages with their current agent, this is your chance to sell yourself and show them why you should be their new agent!

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